May 16, 2013

Eavesdropping Spud

Spud has, in the recent months, picked up a very annoying habit of sounding like a spoilt brat who is just barking orders and being demandingly rude whenever she asks us for something that she wants. She would literally go, “Give me this”, “Give me that”, while putting out her hand, and in a tone that we don’t really appreciate.

I am not so sure where she might have picked that from, but since we heard her saying that, we have been trying to get her to ask for things nicely with  a “Can I…please..Mama/Papa/whoever” or a“ May I..please…Mama/Papa/whoever” rather than just “barking orders”. Whenever she slips up, we tell her that saying “Give me” when asking for things is not polite. We will then encourage her to repeat herself nicely for us to accommodate her wants. She would then willingly correct herself.

When I came back home from work one evening, Spud came to me and went, “Mama, Mama! Nanny says “Give me”. Nanny says “Give me. Not polite””

While a part of me was trying to make sense of what she said into context, a part of me wondered if the Nanny has been telling her the same thing as we did, or if Spud was, in fact, telling on the Nanny ! When I acknowledged Spud, she then rattled on with a, “Give me pleeeeaaasssee. Say thank you.” (The emphasis was on the word please, and it felt like I was hearing myself!) 

I then verified with our Nanny and it turned out that the Nanny confessed to saying “Give me” whenever she asks Spud for things. I reckon, it is not something the Nanny does consciously but that day, the Nanny said that Spud had “scolded” her and told her exactly what we told Spud: That “give me is not polite” and to  please say, “can I have it please…!”

We both had a good chuckle and I suggested to her that we should refrain from saying “give me” from then on whenever we want something from her, and that we need to teach Spud to be a little bit more polite with the words that are coming out of her mouth.

Never, ever underestimate the honesty of a child.

I feel like a very  proud Mom – and I believe we taught her well. I am, indeed super pleased. 🙂

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