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2016 into 2017

Screw resolutions. I usually make none of those. But we make Oliebollen and we can make them disappear. It’s our superpower…what’s yours? From the kitchen of Grubbs ‘n Critters by Chef Silver Bullet Through Oliebollen and the

Growing Turmeric

One of the must-haves in my stock collection of spices would be none other than turmeric. It’s an ingredient I use often in my cooking and one that I can’t do without. Be it in the form

A Shooting Star

Last night, amidst the dark and very clear sky, I chanced upon a shooting star from our back yard. It was almost 1 a.m and everyone was already fast asleep. What a magnificent sight!  The sky was clear

The Wait is Over

It has been more than 5 and a half weeks since I took my Dutch Exam. The one very important exams for which if I passed, I do not need to ever take any more exams when

Quote Challenge Day 2: Kick Ass!

In response to Out Loud Karen Quote Challenge Original Image Credit: Ross Clarkson   And shower. Don’t forget to shower. You don’t want to go around all musty and smelly. Then go kick some asses. Spud can