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Sunday Humour: Like A Boss

Ah! Parenting. Talk about having double standards: Credit:Google Image When this comes, I bet this would be a parenting-cringeworthy-jaw-dropping moment. Yikes!  Keep it real, parents. Keep.it.real. Here’s to a peaceful week of awesome parenting ahead. 

Sunday Humour: The Roman

Fess up! How many times did you have to read this: If you had to do it more than once, you are not alone. Must have been a hell of a confusion in a modern bar. Imagine

Sunday Humour: The Phone Test

This one got me laughing out loud… Credit:Google Image   …then something else comes to mind: How many of us in this day and age use home phone? I mean, I know of a few people who

Sunday Humour: Fluent Shit

Without thinking very hard, I do not have enough fingers to count them: Credit: Google Image There seem to be quite many of them around. They come in impressive numbers! I do it too sometimes; only because

The Words

Haunting. Melancholic. Soulful. The mesmerising combination of the melodiously dark lyrics sung by such a beautiful voice gives me goosebumps. It send shivers down my spine.  As I close my eyes, I feel like the music has