April 28, 2009

Attitudinous Motor-bike Taxi

Category: Thaism

Witnessed a not-so-pleasant incident this morning on my way to work at my office lobby.

It seemed like a motor-bike taxi has erroneously brought his pillion passenger to the wrong venue. The pillion, quite a big Arab woman, then argued with him in English that he had brought her to the wrong place. She then took a piece of paper from her bag, possibly bearing the address of the place she intended to go, and insisted that he took her to the right place. I suspect she might have shown him that piece of paper earlier before getting on his bike. A spat quickly broke-out between the two, as the guy refused to take her there and insisted that she go into the building where he had dropped her. She seemed sure it wasn’t the right address. Given the circumstances, I’m rooting for the woman.

The woman refused to get off his bike, still insisting that he take her to the right place. The man looked annoyed (a high possibility that he was ‘losing face’) and refused to go any further, shouting at her and shooed her away. At this point, he tilted his bike sideways, such that the woman would fall off from his back seat. I actually saw her slipped and almost fell to the ground. I bet she didn’t expect to be thrown off like that. Clearly, it was rude and definitely unacceptable of him, but he didn’t seem to care and just rode off after throwing her off like that. The woman stood there stranded and went raving mad at the entire situation. Apparently, he had kicked her too as she was being thrown off from his bike.

You know what the worse thing is? There is absolutely nothing you can do in a situation like that. Although all she wanted to do was get herself to the right place, no one seems to care that she was treated unfairly. She can scream and shout (which she did!) and kao peh, kao bu and in the end, there’s nothing she can do about it, but to let it go and move on. I am extremely appalled by what I saw. Disappointed is an understatement. Sad country this is.

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  1. Silver Bullet

    Surprising that the driver didn’t ask her to pay up for the privilege also before he drove off…
    Never trust a taxi driver in Bangkok, motosai or otherwise.

  2. Nope, didn’t see him demanding any payment. if looks could kill. I think if he could run her down, he would. screw the payment.


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