January 7, 2011

5 months

This is what some parts of Spud looked like when she was about 5 month (21 weeks old foetus) in my stomach…

Funnily enough, we could never get a good image of her whenever we did an ultrasound. She’ll have her hands covering her face all the time, legs kicking and kicking,  making it impossible for our doctor to scan us a good image of her. All we knew throughout my 41+ weeks of pregnancy and told by Dr. Ah-Chai was that the baby has an egg-shaped head, big belly, long limbs and large feet.

When I described that very sentence to Aunt Antsy when she asked for ultrasound updates, she remarked that I just described an alien to her. She promptly sent me an image of one: blue in colour with one eye on the forehead! (Only good friends takes the piss out of you!)

At 5 months now, Spud is fortunately looking nothing like an alien. She’s still considered rather large when compared to our neighbour’s almost 7 months baby girl, but we know that she’s healthy and getting to her baby milestones.

She can now sit (very) momentarily without assistance. She’s got quite strong legs and able to stand pretty solidly for a while, and if she’s supported from under her arms she’ll bounce up and down. Everything she grabs goes into her mouth. Recently she’s discovered that she can reach the tab of her diapers and pull them off every time she’s being changed…and I realised I have started saying the word “No” more than necessary.

She’s also taken to purposely coughing away just to get a reaction. Her squeals are getting louder and her toothless smiles, contagious. She is Spud at 5 months in flesh, and is enthusiastically learning something new everyday

I can’t wait to go for her first swimming lesson and introduce her to solids in the next few weeks!

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