Monthly Archive:: June 2011

Pesky Pantry Pests

Bugs bother me. While I’m sure they are useful in nature in some peculiar way, I still generally do not like them. The very sight of them makes my hair stand on ends, especially so if I

Share the Happiness

This happiness campaign made its way to Brazil this time. I Like!

Weekend a-tumbling

The excitement level last weekend went up a few notches higher as my parenting skills (or the lack of it) were put under a different level of tests as our almost 11-month old baby Spud continues to

An All-Dutch Brekkie

Happiness comes in the form of cardboard boxes filled with a variety of evil chocolate sprinkles or ribbon-ny flakes as well as fruit or aniseed flavoured sprinkles all ready to be spread on your bread. The chocolate

Rice Husks

Spud loves these Baby Bites which I hauled back from Singapore a while back. They are made from rice husks and come in several differen flavours. I started introducing them to Spud when she was about 7 months