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Sunday Humour: Wipe That Mouth

Here’s one of my newest favourite napkin quotes served to us at a restaurant called BS in Belgium recently:   Seen in a Belgian Restaurant   BS being Black Smoke. You know, the name of the restaurant.

A Re-Blog: Ever Notice Those Recurring Numbers?

Or call it numerology. Or whatever you call it, don’t you think that it gets a little freaky when you keep seeing the same number each time you look up at your clock every single day, every single

Sunday Humour: Calvin & Hobbes

Featuring my favourite kid today: Source: Google Image How can you not like the innocence in such a beautiful articulation. There’s no doubt about that! Heh!  Sending you only good vibes for the week of any doubtful

Sunday Humour: Don’t Hold Your Farts

There’s always a good reason… Credit: Google Image Because sometimes, it is just better to let.it.go. Especially with kids, they’ve got no restraints or whatsoever and really, the ideas they do come up with would leave us

Spring is here!

Where oh where has the last 14 days go? March is almost, if not already at the half-way point and in the last week, Spring seems to be making its mark just a tad earlier. Its presence