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Out Here, It’s Still Spring.

A few more weeks days and summer will officially make it’s round to this part of the world. That means hotter days and longer daylight hours. How much longer daylight hours I wouldn’t have a clue because if

How to Enjoy North Holland with A Journey Through Time

Tuck away in the northwest of Holland contains a small piece of history from a different era in the form of steam trains from the 1900s that still run through the Westfrisian countryside till today. In fact

February’s Fabric of Nature

Would you believe it? February just flew by, March swiftly showed up and with that, winter would soon be gone. In this part of the world, we all should be heading for Spring soon enough. Spring! My

Hello, Hello December!

It’s not even a month, yet I’m feeling like I have been at my new employment gig for ages! Like aged cheese, just not as smelly. How is that even possible?  Is that good or bad?  Well,


The world was raving about the super moon the other day. Another moon known as the Perigee Full Moon as it gets closest to the earth on its orbit on 14th November. My friend Jas captured it beautifully