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Sunday Humour: Out of Order

Now, here’s a thought: Credit: Google Image Why do I think that my kids would probably like one of those stickers? They are impossible to wake in the morning.  Come to think of it, I probably need

Sunday Humour: Calvin’s Reversed Psychology

  Credit:Google Image This guy is such a gem! No matter how grumpy he is, he still is one of the most awesomest kids around. A kid I’m glad isn’t one of my mine. ;p I’d still be

35 Questions Some People Ask

Well…not outright anyways. Though I am very sure, some of these questions had been asked by one of my besties before. The times when we were young…we run free…keep our teeth…nice and clean.  See our friends, see

Sunday Humour: One for the Books

This one is so old skool but still gives me the giggles: Credit: Google Image Hope you have had a wonderful weekend with some books this week! 

Sunday Humour: When Does It Get Too Deep?

Sometimes, one can’t help it. I dig lame stuff. Like this: Source: FB Newsfeed All I can say is I have been inspired by the events around me; so lame that it’s beginning to e too funny