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sarahbentyn All in A Dad’s Work has nominated me for this chore some weeks ago and I’ve been so far behind. But! At least it gives me a reason to post something new to post apart from my


Hmmmm….it has been for quite a while now that I have noticed that I no longer receive pingbacks. While I know it is a recurring issue and had happened before, I think this is the longest period

A Re-Blog: Too Many Trees

When I read the title of  the post from A Momma’s View, I thought she was going to touch upon trees, nature and/or something along the line of global warming. Complemented by the image below, it could easily

Monthly Mystery Munchies #15 with Gen

Figs (or the substitute of), lime and rosemary. Those 3 ingredients  are not to be used in the main dish. While this shouts madness, it turns out that this was not an impossible feat after all! Gen not

Hello YOU!

Yes, hellooooooo!  Now I can seeeeeee your gravatars when you click “Like” on my post because up until about a week or so ago, if you remember, all I had was the darn WTI Thumbs Up button.