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A trusty tote-bag

My radar on practical things went up several hundred notches higher after being a parent, with a sad realization that practicality would often compromise stylishness. When we had our first-born, we went through several types of tote

Night-light Timer

Ever since Spud transitioned from a crib to a big bed a couple of days short of her second birthday, our mornings had since then became rather disruptive as well. You see, with Spud’s new sense of

The ringing cow

Quite a while ago, somebody gave us a tip: use a sand-timer to give little toddlers a sense of time. It is useful to get them to transition into the next activity, and especially during times when

The sippy transition

While we had introduced Squirt to a sippy cup when he was about 4 months in our attempt to familiarize him with sippys (read: let him PLAY with the sippy), the actual proper transition to a sippy

Napping and Squirt

When it comes to naps, Squirt still does not nap very much as compared to most babies. However, we can’t quite complain as it has to be said that Squirt has been a much better napper than