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Kindness Doesn’t Cost a Thing

So many thoughts floating through my head. So many things I want to write about; Posts I’ve been wanting to follow-up on. One of which is a reminder to call-out for participation for my Recipe Showdown…amongst other

Quote Challenge Day 3: Play

In response to Out Loud Karen Quote Challenge   Grubbs n Critters© I’ll say sing till your throat is sore, dance like there is no tomorrow and play till you collapse like your life depends on it.

Quote Challenge Day 2: Kick Ass!

In response to Out Loud Karen Quote Challenge Original Image Credit: Ross Clarkson   And shower. Don’t forget to shower. You don’t want to go around all musty and smelly. Then go kick some asses. Spud can

Sunday Humour: Knowledge, Wisdom and Philosophy

Nothing like a concise analogy to explain knowledge, wisdom and philosophy: Source: Facebook Feed That is also one of the examples of some of the inane stuff I come across on my Facebook feed that makes me

Sunday Humour: Life Skills

These are amazing skills, life skills that trip me up every once in a while. Sometimes, my life is just more colourful because of it.  What have you got? 😉 Here’s to more life skills to enhance