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Sunday Humour: Slothing Around

Have you seen Zootopia? If you haven’t yet, this is one hell of a good movie to bring your kids to. There was this one particular scene involving sloths that had me laughing so hard till I


When I read the synopsis of this movie starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney when I was on the plane, I had somewhat did an eyeball roll and thought that the story line was pretty lame. I

Wrath of the Titans

It is a long weekend here in Thailand with Friday being declared a public holiday (so is Monday for some, but not for me!), we did something a little bit different from what we usually do. We


This was really one of the more original and captivating movies I have ever seen. Inception is so insanely brilliant that I was literally glued to the cinema seat right from the start to the very end.

A moment of distraction

My thoughts drifted to one of the coolest and most memorable quotes with the beginning and end scene playing in my head for a split second today as I try to meticulously navigate the madness of work in the office without losing