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Sunday Humour: Ad Fail

Somebody forgot to adapt the ad from digital to print: Or maybe this comes with some sort of cool technology when you hover over with your phone or something. My guess is not and this is just

Sunday Humour: In Light of Father’s Day

These text exchanges between a Dad and his kid got me bursting into tears! So much so that I just have to share them for this week to honour all the dads out there in light of

Taste The Feeling

The Coke lover in me…and I’d better be specific here that by Coke, I mean Coca-Cola, has been re-ignited with their new Taste The Feeling global campaign that has just launched all over the world.  The are six

Pain isn’t always obvious

Do you feel fantastic or do you really think that the smiley person next to you feels fantastic all.the.time? Or perhaps, feeling  really fine, just like you thought your colleague always do because he/she claims so? Or


Call what you will, but  I happen to think that this is one of the coolest thing I have seen in the advertising industry. Coke does it again!