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Monthly Mystery Munchies #26 with Gen

This month’s Monthly Mystery Munchies, otherwise also fondly abbreviated as MMM between my South African blogging buddy and I, might as well be called May the Month of Mishaps for Gen.  That’s because the poor dudette’s computer had

Monthly Mystery Munchies #26: Pansy & Calendula Flowers Custard Cake

Did you have to read the title of this blog post twice? And when you did, did you go W-H-A-T(!)-did-I-read-that-right(?)-and has-she-gone-completely-mental(?) this time? The short answer to that is: Yes, you read that right. And no, I

Monthly Mystery Munchies #25 with Gen

Hello, hello, hello! It’s Saturday and here we are adding another dish to our growing recipe collection as we contemplate, experiment and create kitchen magic while we continue to push our boundaries with the Monthly Mystery Munchies

Monthly Mystery Munchies #25: Steak with Caramelised Cranberry and Pomegranate Sauce

With already more than 48 recipes concocted between Cheftress Gen and myself , I thought it would be apt to revolve the theme for this month around what we’ve made in the last 24 months. The catch: We

Friday Flavours: A Round-up of 24 MMMs

Instead of the regular Friday recipe feature, I thought that I shall shake it up this week by listing all the 48 55 recipes that Gen and I have done for our Monthly Mystery Munchies challenge in the