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Fabulous Friday Flavour: Stuffed Tofu

This week is a treat for food and recipe lovers with not one, not two but THREE recipes being featured. Is this turning to only a food blog, you ask? No way! I’ve got other crap I

Monthly Mystery Munchies #7 with Gen

If you have not check out Gen’s take on our Monthly Mystery Munchies this month in using ingredient(s) that is (are) not usually used with fish, you really, really have to check out a rather weird, but creative

Fabulous Friday Flavour: A Re-acquaintance with my Favourite Grubs!

Both Gen and I agreed that we’ll postpone this month’s mystery munchies to a few days later. So, for the first time in a long time since I started my Fabulous Friday Flavour, there is none to

Monthly Mystery Munchies #5 with Gen

It’s a big, fat Greek Lamb Kleftiko recipe over at our Greek Food Goddess Gen @Eat, Play Clove for this month’s installment of Monthly Mystery Munchies. This woman roasted this succulent, juicy lamb for a good 4-5

Now in Season: Hairy Fruits

This has got to be my favourite time of the year in Thailand when these hairy fruits come into season:  These hairy, weird-looking fruits, commonly known as Rambutans is such a delight! This fruit is native to