Fabulous Friday Flavours Archive

Friday Flavour: Fried Spiced-Scalloped Potatoes

Like carbs? There’s no reason not to! (Well…there is but we are not going to go there.) This is one of my favourite easy to make snacks: Potatoes marinated with all sorts of spices and herbs for

Friday Flavours: Hungarian Goulash

Fancy a bowl of hot, meaty, hearty and soupy Hungarian Goulash? Look no further for I am going to share with you a rather authentic recipe taken right out of Hungary, using original Hungarian paprika. I know

Friday Flavour: Ayam Masak Merah

Last Sunday, Muslims around the world celebrated the first day of Syawal, otherwise commonly known as Eid which marked the end of Ramadhan. Like last year, we couldn’t make it back for the second year running as it

Friday Flavour:Chocolate Pound Cake

With chocolate cakes, I’ve got to be in the mood for it. As simple as a chocolate cake recipe can be, I  found it to be the hardest especially when it comes to finding that perfect chocolatey

Friday Flavour Feature: Chicken Paprikash by Jas Brechtl

Sometime last year, one my dearest faraway friend over at All That’s Jas sent me her published Balkan Comfort Food e-book. It was filled with all Balkan goodness where Jas has, once upon many, many months poured