Fabulous Friday Flavours Archive

Friday Flavour: Raspberry Swiss Roll

Somebody stop me because I’m on a rrrrrollllllll! Remember this? Giraffe-Print Inspired Swiss Roll© Since the Giraffe-Print Inspired Swiss Roll for our Monthly Mystery Munchies barely 3 weeks ago, I’ve then gone on to continue with my experiment in

Friday Flavour: Home-made Sweet Chilli Sauce

If you are into tasty, sweet chilli sauce and is looking for a dip recipe that is easy to make and without the use of preservatives then look no further! With just a few fresh and natural ingredients

Friday Flavours: Soft Almond Sprinkle Cookies

The word “hagelslag” should by now not be a stranger to you anymore, and just in case you are still wondering what it is, let me re-introduce you to some of the variations of these darlings: Soft

Friday Flavours: Chinese Cabbage with Poached Eggs

Something simple, something quick, something healthy. All you need to have handy would be some cabbages and eggs as the main. The base is nothing more than just pungent onion, garlic and ginger. Toss them all into

Friday Flavour: White Sauce Lasagna

Bored with making the regular tomato-based lasagna? I hereby recommend you to toss out the tomato altogether and make your lasagna without it. Yes, really! It works. You see, one fine day, I got bored with the same