Fabulous Friday Flavours Archive

Friday Flavour:Chocolate Pound Cake

With chocolate cakes, I’ve got to be in the mood for it. As simple as a chocolate cake recipe can be, I  found it to be the hardest especially when it comes to finding that perfect chocolatey

Friday Flavour Feature: Chicken Paprikash by Jas Brechtl

Sometime last year, one my dearest faraway friend over at All That’s Jas sent me her published Balkan Comfort Food e-book. It was filled with all Balkan goodness where Jas has, once upon many, many months poured

Friday Flavours: Potatoes and Broccoli

Potayto. Potahto. Apart from the spelling in which both are wrong, how does it matter? But this is not about a spelling lesson. This is a lesson in which I will prove that anything and everything can

Friday Flavour: Pannenkoek (Dutch Pancakes)

Here’s something relatively simple: 4 ingredients, 5 steps. It comes in the form of Dutch pancakes otherwise known locally as pannenkoek. Or in our household it is known as Papa’s specialty food since this is almost exclusively

Friday Flavour: Brie Gratin Muffin

There is a potato monster lurking. And that potato monster is me. I love my taters like I love chocolates. And chicken. And ice-cream. And rice. And noodles. Amongst everything else. Nett nett, food is not the