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Magnificent Moon

Summer is officially upon us since a few days back yet the weather has been nothing but unpredictable in the last few days. If I remember it right, it actually rained like the whole frigging day on

Cold Spells in Bangkok

Chilly is not something one would associate with Thailand given its usually temperate weather. But yesterday, the weather got really windy and that lasted for the entire day with a 22°C temperature. By night, the temperature dropped

Hailstorm in Loei

A couple of days ago, a massive hailstorm hit Loei and destroyed more than 500 houses, car and properties. Mother Nature seems to be acting up. Article can be found here. The pictures that have been circulating

Chilly Bangkok

The weather has been absolute delight since last Sunday as temperatures plummeted to the high teens and low twenties. Below is an image taken off Bangkok’s on-ground most resourceful volunteer Twitterer on anything and everything about Thailand

Cool in Bangkok

The weather in Bangkok has been more than just pleasant in the last one week as temperatures started to dip to the lower twenties. “Winter” weather like this makes me want to just walk the streets of