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Letting the Cat out of the Bag

The bag is WIDE open… It’s red, not too flashy… Kind of cheap An open secret   Everyone sees it…everyone knows it You can’t miss it, really It’s right by the steps The question remains: To be

Hello December!

Hello December! You are here again   A reminder once more …that the year is closing in …that 11 months have since passed …that the future can be hazy   A reflection yet again …of how things

“I Only Went Out For A Walk”

This is a re-post from Estelea’s Blog, and I take no credit whatsoever in the writing of this post. That being said, I’m just re-posting simply because, I just love the way it was being written: The cold

Poetry and Me

Not many people know this, but I’ve always got a thing for poetry (like I do quotes) for as long as I can recall.  I love reading them. I even used to write my own more than