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Squirt Turns 5

Dear Squirt, What?! 5 already? Get back in here. In my tummy. NOW. GrubbsnCritters© Sheeesh…! 2 years ago when we celebrated your sister’s 5th birthday, you just turned 3. That didn’t seem too long ago. This is

Squirt turned 4

To my dearest little dare-devil, It’s been exactly one month since you turned 4. I remember how, with the encouragement and reminder from your sister, you couldn’t wait to be 4 a week prior to your birthday.

The Heart of the Matter

My daughter wants to be a heart doctor because she wants to fix broken hearts. Only because, many moons ago, I mentioned in jest that yes, my heart has been broken before and it broke into a

That “BAD” Word

Squirt was just standing next to us when we discovered that the on/off and speed button of Squirt’s fan is no longer responding when we were about to put him to bed. We moved the fan around,

Squirt is THREE!

Dear Squirt, Just because you turned 3 today doesn’t give you a free pass to: want to have your way all the time hit your sister when you don’t get your way stick out your tongue at me