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Link Love: Awesome Bloggers of The Month

It has been almost 2 months now since my post on Blogrolls & Love Links from Blogging 101 and I have yet to find that nifty blogroll widget where it sorts of updates itself based on my

Blog Awards: Nominated for a Liebster!

My crazy gut took control of my senses and I did one thing which I hardly ever do: I clicked on the junk mail button in my regularly-used personal email account. As I scrolled down from the

One Word Challenge

  This is not just another #Blogging 101 assignment…well, I take that back. It kinda is. But what this isn’t, is that, this is just not a meaningless One Word Challenge to just choose a word and

#Blogging 101: Adding a New Page

Pages…pages…! How many pages would be considered too many for a blog? I don’t really have an answer to that and I *thought* that I already have enough pages to keep things simple. But now that I

#Blogging 101: Trying Something New

When the terrain gets a little rough… : : : : : : …Start wishing upon a bright light…for that little miracle… : : : : : : …For all obstacles to be cleared off the paths