Monthly Archive:: October 2016

A Re-Blog: Too Many Trees

When I read the title of  the post from A Momma’s View, I thought she was going to touch upon trees, nature and/or something along the line of global warming. Complemented by the image below, it could easily

Getting Behind the Wheel

If you have been following me for a while, you’d know that I don’t drive.  And by that I mean I don’t have a driver’s license and not because I didn’t get my license converted, but because

Sunday Humour: Two Tools in Life

Whoever says that life is complicated? You really don’t need much! Source: Google Image I’ll have to say, though…duct tape is one of the world’s greatest invention. Ah..! What would I have done with my life without

Monthly Mystery Munchies #18 with Gen

Think Addams Family, ghoulish, gooey, freaky. Add a bloody good tomato in the form of soup, vibe it up and you’ll be all good to go for Halloween this year! With Gen’s challenge of styling it up for

Monthly Mystery Munchies #18: Casper’s Pannakoek

When my South African fellow munchier suggested a Halloween theme for this month’s challenge with October being THE month when all scary stuff happens,  adults get their fix on scary costumes while kids run high on sugar, the