Monthly Archive:: September 2016

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Presto Pesto!

The pot of overgrown basil plant in our backyard was screaming and begging to get trimmed. And used. With a whole load in excess of fresh, very green and healthy looking leaves, Silver Bullet decided to do

A Weekend in Drenthe

Last month we had our very first weekend getaway hosted by my in-laws with our entire tribe which saw us heading northeast to Drenthe.  By ‘entire’ and ‘tribe’, I mean every single one of us within our

A Rare Alignment

Having lived with cats almost all of my life, I would not know what it would be like NOT living with one. Or two. Or three. Three being the most number of cats we’ve had and that was

Sunday Humour: When the Boss Says…

Image Credit: Google Image The boss is right there and I second the employee’s decision! Talk about interpretation, eh. Wonder how many out there would actually do this? Heeheh! Here’s gearing up for some good and wonderful

A Re-Blog: Meet & Greet…Hypervigilant Style

It’s been exactly 7 days (overdue) since this Meet & Greet happened. It is one of the most interesting Meet & Greet I’ve ever come across and I only saw it 4 days ago. Regrettably, since reading