Monthly Archive:: July 2016

Sunday Humour: Chinese Lessons in 5 minutes

Now everyone can learn Chinese. All in 5 minutes.   Source: Google Image   With the exception of #10 which I didn’t quite get, the rest is hilarious! Even if there would be sum ting wong along

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Creamy Tomato Spaghetti topped with Pan-fried Coriander Chicken

Shock horror when I discovered that we had run out of food to feed ourselves after a late errand run one evening.  It was way past the kids’ usual dinner time, we have ran out of the home-made frozen

Fun Fact: On Saturn

Here’s a very interesting information I got from my Facebook feed not too long ago: Source: Facebook Newsfeed Isn’t that just super-dooper amazing! I almost wish Saturn is THAT close to Earth. My sky gazing nights would

Selective Listening: Things Kids DO Hear

A conversation with Spud during lunch at home: Spud: Mama, I heard what you said this morning and I know what you mean… Me (a little puzzled): Uh? What did I say? Spud: You said, “Oh boy!”

Sunday Humour: How to Annoy your IT Guy

Have you got your Java? Try this on your IT guy: Source: Google Image You know, I can just imagine that look of incredulity on the poor IT guy’s face . It would be priceless! Go ahead,