Monthly Archive:: April 2016

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Peppery Fried Rice with Anchovies

With Silver Bullet travelling, I seized the chance to cook something I absolutely like  and hardly ever get the chance to cook when he is around because Master Silver Bullet thinks they are smelly. He will complain

It’s a Cult Out There

We have been on a roll in trying to sell away our second-hand items in the last few months. As far as big ticket items are concerned, we don’t own much as most of the furniture at

Filtered Flashbacks

A whirlwind trip was what it was to Singapore last week.  With errands to run, places to go to, people to meet, eats to explore, work to do and antsy-pants kids to entertain, we were kept on

Sunday Humour: The Invention of “Boob”

Have you ever wondered where the word “boob” came about? Search no more. Here’s the answer:   Credit: Google Image Pretty neat, huh! Here’s to an insightful top, front and side perspective for the week! 

Fabulous Friday Flavour: Home-made No Churn Mint-Choc Ice-Cream

With only 2 main ingredients and without the need for an ice-cream machine, this no-churning technique makes access to ice-creams dangerously easy.      See that?! You’d only need condensed milk and liquid whipping cream as the base