Monthly Archive:: February 2016

A Review: The Great White Basic Contrast Neckline

Happy is me when the opportunity for another collaboration knocks on my door to feature yet another of my personal pick from Zalora Thailand’s new wardrobe collection. This time, I had a wider choice to work with

Sunday Humour: Slothing Around

Have you seen Zootopia? If you haven’t yet, this is one hell of a good movie to bring your kids to. There was this one particular scene involving sloths that had me laughing so hard till I

Fabulous Friday Flavours: Stir Fry Chive and Mixed Vegetables

Another week, another Friday and another stir-fry vegetable dish to share where 2 of my favourite veggies meet: Cabbage and bean sprouts, in a pot, sauteed with all stir-fry goodness of onions and garlic, along with the

#Abitofeverything: Out of The Hat

It’s a bit of a downer for me today after a 3-hour session at the Dutch Embassy for the more difficult Dutch examination I was scheduled to take. I walked out feeling like my brain has been

When Kids Chatter

Kids being kids, they always manage to come up with something original yet unintentionally funny. When they do, I always make it a point to note as precisely as I could what they blabbed out. With a