Monthly Archive:: December 2015

2015 into 2016

Resolutions I have none. As with all the other previous years, I like to close 2015 with some reflection as the year scuttles to a close in a few hours. There are things to ponder, things to

My 2015 in Blogging Review

Jetpack sent me a blogging report in review to kick off the new year with data on my siteโ€™s activity in 2015. These are their findings: Crunchy numbers The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds

A Re-blog: The panic of losing a young child in a crowd

Tim, author behind Slouching Towards Thatcham, recently wrote a post on losing his child in a crowd of Londonโ€™s Leicester Square on a busy Sunday. It’s every parents’ nightmare to lose a child in a crowd; it’s the

All That Glitters

School’s out for the year but for us working adults, work continues for the next 2 days until New Year’s Eve before the cycle begins again next year. My parents came over for a holiday visit; timely with

Sunday Humour: Finding Frosty

Christmas may be over, but humour such as this lives on: Credit: Google Image With some luck, I reckon the carrot would be good to eat too! Wishing you a fabulous post-Christmas celebration and another week of