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2014 into 2015

[WARNING: THIS POST COMES WITH PROFANITIES. SKIP IT IF YOU FEEL YOU ARE GOING TO BE OFFENDED BY IT] It’s that time of the year again where resolutions from last year are being accounted for, and new

Chicken Biryani

Fancy a quick spiced pilaf? While I am usually not one to be using ready -made spiced mix, I succumbed to this one just because the picture of the biryani on the packaging looks so authentic that

WPC [Warmth]: A Walk on The Beach

  With Squirt perched on my hip as he clung tightly to my neck (he hated the sand, refusing to put his feet in it!), I stood at a vantage point, shielding myself from the scorching hot

Being Superior

In a land where superiority is being looked-up upon, I am glad to know that there’s one agency who doesn’t take inferior education lightly. It’s private, it’s expensive and supposedly prestigious. Indeed, would make all students superior.

Eavesdropping Spud

    Santa isn’t real. Period. He is some mythical figure, whose creation is based on a Christian man who lived in the 4th century by the name of Saint Nicholas. Santa is none other than a