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My amusing child

The last couple of months have been more than just manic on the work front as I have had to work late almost every night, and not getting home till after 9 pm.  My self-imposed work life

Quote of the Day

“I Only Went Out For A Walk”

This is a re-post from Estelea’s Blog, and I take no credit whatsoever in the writing of this post. That being said, I’m just re-posting simply because, I just love the way it was being written: The cold

Squirt’s Antics: Feeling Wanted

For the umpteenth time in 3 weeks, I came home late, but just in time to catch the kids in bed seconds before they drifted off to sleepy land. As I crept in quietly into Squirt’s room

A Beautiful Creature

This image came on my Twitter feed quite a while ago:   Source: Twitter The most common English name for this butterfly is Glasswinged Butterfly. Mainly found in South America, it lacks the coloured scaled found in