Monthly Archive:: October 2013

It’s 31st and it’s Halloween

Halloween this year felt like it just sneaked up on me. While I had a rather hard time recalling what happened for Spud’s Halloween celebration last year, I also went, “What?! Already? Again?” when  we received a

When things were simple

Came across this rather out-dated quote recently… … and I can’t help but agree. It is such irony too that despite how seemingly “difficult” things used to be, life was in a way, much simpler. These days,

A trusty tote-bag

My radar on practical things went up several hundred notches higher after being a parent, with a sad realization that practicality would often compromise stylishness. When we had our first-born, we went through several types of tote

An ant infestation

10 months later and the damn ants are back. This time, I found them in my cooled down, freshly cooked pot of boiled rice. Lots of them. And I mean lots and lots and lots of them

One young punk

Has the value of respect amongst the younger generation spiraled rapidly downwards, or is it just me being ultra-sensitive in my old(er) age? I am saying this after having witnessed a rather young associate, whom, probably through