Monthly Archive:: September 2012

Burning calories

.Enough said. Reminds me of all those pregnancy weight and stubborn fats I still have to shed!

Much ado about safety

This is how the streets of Bangkok seem to always be able to blow my mind: What am I getting at, you ask?  Well…this essentially is a very small soi of a rather busy street. Just like

Quote of the Day

Something I picked out from a Facebook posting… …and I guess, sometimes, things will somehow just sort themselves out.

Discovering Gelish

A girly-girl I will never be, but every so often, I do appreciate a nicely coloured manicured and especially pedicured nails.  The only gripe I have with having them painted is the fact that I hardly have

Wet! Wet! Wet!

It’s raining…it’s pouring…it’s looking like it’s flooding… The weather continues to be wonky wet again as it has been raining non-stop in the evenings. The downpour was so massive that I could hardly see the car right