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Nonchalance, Thoughtlessness or Stupidity?

Bangkok is generally known for not being sufficiently accessible for people with reduced mobility or other disabilities.  The streets and pavements are uneven. Few buildings and public transportation system provide ramps and handrails to aid disabled access. 

Happy Feet

While there are many, many, many massage shops offering foot massages available in every nook and cranny of Bangkok, there is still none other like the foot massage one can get at Dr Feet. This is by

Ain’t over till it’s over

When I posted “The one with pumped milk is about to retire…”, I guess I was myopic. It should have been a sabbatical instead. For a start, I didn’t think that my pumping career would make a

Leaf Scorpion Fish

This is one of the most bizarre, but cool looking fish I have ever seen in my entire life. I was so intrigued by their features that I just had to get a few snapshots of them

The one with black forest

Black forest chocolate. Hmmmmmm. Quite a huge bar of chocolate too. Hmmmmm. I should have known that it will be nowhere near the taste of a desirable Black Forest Cake. To be fair, the taste wasn’t at