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Reflux Medication:Omeprazole

Squirt has been given a month’s supply of Omeprazole for his acid reflux from our last visit to the pediatrician. They come in capsule form and for such a little infant, the stack of meds he got

Life with Reflux

It sometimes is hard to make sense of things when your baby has the reflux. I don’t even know where to begin. How are we coping with Squirt’s reflux situation so far? We are hanging in there;

Smiley Squirt

As I lay in bed the other night, my mind started to do a playback on the day’s event just as I was about to close my eyes. While the day had been somewhat rough, mainly with

Shame on you!

A few days ago, I had to tot Squirt around with me to get to the other side of town to run some errands. To get to my destination by 9.30 in the morning, I had to

Fancy French toast

Meal times with Spud can sometimes be such a drag, as no one meal time with her is ever the same. On good days, we manage to get Spud to chow down her food within 15 minutes.