Monthly Archive:: April 2012

Roti Jala

So. Itchy-backside me recently decided that it was about time for another scrumptious meal and set my heart and mind out to make a batch of Roti Jala for our (mainly mine!) gastronomical pleasure. I had actually

Newspaper Snippets

A portion of this article originated from a newspaper in Malaysia was circulated on the Internet recently (I was just a little slow in putting this up!). See the highlighted bits: If you don’t get it, here’s

Disconnected in a Connected World

Isn’t it amazing that while we are connected to technology and every electronic gadget we possibly can, we actually ended up being more disconnected to the real world than actually connecting with it? I’m in a pensive

Roo’s scrotum

One of my team members who came back from his vacation over Songkran in Melbourne bought me a little something that is native of Australia –a Kangaroo Leather Pouch. Now, if you don’t already know, anyone who

Angmoh’s Ondeh-Ondeh

My crazy husband has outdone himself. True to his word from some months ago, he somehow decided over the weekend there and then, that come hell or high-water, he was going to make an attempt at those