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Singlish, can.

I cannot resist putting this up when I saw this…

It’s cold out here!

When Silver Bullet told me that it snowed the night before, I did not really believe him and  thought that he was pulling my leg.  Admittedly, I thought he was delirious from the lack of sleep as

A day of surprises

 [This is a bit of a very delayed post; a post which has been in a draft mode for 10 days and should have gone up more than a week ago. But here it is, anyway] I

Keropoks, Fishballs and Cheese

Keropok (Singapore/Malaysia), Krupuk (Indonesia) or Kroepoek (The Netherlands) – What is it? A popular deep fried snack crackers made from starch and other ingredients (usually fish or prawns), and most popular in parts of East and Southeast

Ang Pows & Weddings

How many times have you wondered how much you should be giving to a Chinese Couple every time you were invited to attend a Chinese wedding reception? If like me, you tend to ask around to get