Monthly Archive:: July 2011

Stash of baby food

This was the stash of baby food my parents hauled from Singapore when they came by for a visit a couple of weeks ago. Stuff which I have not seen anywhere in Bangkok, and stuff which Spud,

Bangkok Taxi

It was raining, I was stuck in traffic and I had nothing better to do but stare at things around me before I decided to take a picture of this sign plastered on the window of a

Sneaky Murphy

At about 11 am on Friday last week, I faced a bumbling IT homosapien, who, much to my annoyance decided that he would stand right before me and smiled away for a good 10 minutes while looking

Saltine snacks

Who would have thought that something so simple such as these can turn out to be so, so good! Nothing fancy, and nothing too difficult. These are just a combo of saltine crackers, boiled eggs, about half

A warm welcome home

I was in a little bit of a daze as I walked out of the office to make my way home the other day after a very rough day at work as my mind kept on going