Monthly Archive:: May 2011

Horrendously hot!

At this time of the year, it certainly is looking like the hot season has been a couple of months late. The humidity in the air makes me feel hot and bothered. So hot and humid that

Mesh teether

While researching for the different types of teething rings and their functionality quite a while ago, I stumbled upon reviews on mesh teethers; something which I have not seen in Thailand back then. I don’t usually have

June’s a crap month

I was looking at the public holidays in Thailand for this year and just came to a realisation that we have to work the full month in June as there is no public holiday scheduled! Crap. A

Taste of Singapore

Look what made their way to the shelves of the local supermarkets here in Bangkok? While the pratas are no big deal since similar frozen pratas (different brands) are quite easily found here, I was actually quite surprised

The Sippy Story

[Warning: A very lengthy blog post] It was not my intention to wean her off the bottle completely. In fact, the purpose of having to go through this journey was just to get Spud more familiar with