Monthly Archive:: May 2011

Ain’t over till the Fat Boy sings!

Look who is coming to town on 10th June? : : : : : : : : : : Okay, Okay. I know the pictures appeared blurry (thanks to no more digital camera and having to use

Last of the last

Earlier this month, I made the decision to stop pumping and start introducing the much dreaded follow-on formula milk. Since then, I gradually decrease my pumping frequency and about 2 weeks later, my milk supply has completely

Point-and-Shoot: Dead

My 3 year-old shock and waterproof, point-and-shoot digital camera officially died today. It suddenly developed a mind of its own by turning itself on and changing its settings altogether which makes no absolute sense, before giving out a funny

Electrocuted in Krabi

Each time I read news such as this, I shudder and cringe in horror. While I suspect it probably mostly happen in cheap, touristy guest-houses, you can’t discount the fact that this is Thailand. And, in Thailand,

Pureed & Frozen

I remember getting all excited at the thought of introducing Spud to solids when she was about 5 and a bit months old. I still make her food , and I enjoy doing so. Making baby food is