Monthly Archive:: July 2010

Chuffed to bits!

The word “Hugh Laurie” caught my eye as I scanned through the newsfeed updates on FB. Suddenly my morning became all that more cheerful! I heart Hugh Laurie!

The snuggly one

It has been really hard to get out of bed these days. Especially so, when a 4-legged furry visitor checks up on you every 15 minutes as soon as dawn breaks; and that wakes you up in


Vicvanvinkle shared some photos with me recently and the first thing that came to mind was: There really are some sick people out there! (Like we don’t know already) I can imagine the novelty and excitement behind

Why Japan Can’t Win The World Cup

I remember this being quite an old ad from Pepsi. This particular one made its way round again in conjunction with the World Cup Fever 2011. Still hilarious. I don’t think they have the Octopus Oracle then…:p

Sugar Rush

The state of my desk, post my newest addiction to soft chocolate toffees… That was easily a cluster of 10 toffee wrappers all gobbled up within 5 minutes or so. I blame my colleague for introducing me