Monthly Archive:: July 2010

Wild Wood

Paul Weller’s Wild Wood is indeed one of my all-time favourite tunes. I love his voice…rough on the edges, but extremely soothing to the ears and soul. As with most of my favourite music, lyrics will always be

Chicken Nibblets

Don’t really know what got into me, but suddenly the thought of deep fried garlic and salted chicken nibblets  floating in my head sounds too good to resist. It started out from a harmless intention to make some

It’s a tree!

The tumeric plant is just growing and growing relentlessly; so much so that I’m beginning to think that it’s looking more like a tree! The rate of how fast it is growing really amazes me. It’s looking so


Apparently some kind of UFO was spotted in China recently, causing massive flight delays. Watch it here. It does look pretty intriguing. There must be some kind of explanation for it, although I also do wonder how much

Calvin & Hobbes

You just gotta love the snowman series!