Monthly Archive:: March 2010

Orange-banana flavoured drink

Found a new beverage by Mirinda in the market. I got curious by its orange banana flavour, and decided to buy a small bottle to try. While it tasted ok, I canโ€™t quite decide if I like

Shopping ain’t fun!

Shopping for a sport is so wrong. Shopping is not fun, period. After my pilates class last weekend, I decided to run some overdue errands. One of which requiring me to go buy myself a pair of

A "different" kinda weekend

With Silver Bullet gone for a couple of weekends as he sets out for his business trip, I get to be a temporary singleton again with plenty of time on my hands for me, me and just


A lot of people out there must have really like me to want to leave me a large sum of their inheritence or just want to share their millions by offering me some business transactions. Suddenly, I

My curse

The big conspiracy continues. Time and time again, I’m discovering and re-discovering over and over that the moment I discovered a product I like and have every intention to continue buying it, they decided to takeย it off