Monthly Archive:: March 2009

Sick Food is…

…none other than the old-fashioned chicken porridge which I made today since I can’t quite stomach solid food these few days. I’m not quite sure what caused my bouts of gastric-like stomach cramps. I can perhaps, only

Bloody Cabby!

Some cab drivers here are just bloody attitudinal. Isn’t it their job to just frigging drive wherever the passenger wants to go? One would think so, but apparently, not so in bloody Bangkok! It really annoys me

Shocking Laws?

Looks like both Singapore and Thailand made it to the list! No surprises on Singapore, really. To those who don’t really know of Thailand, it is true that you should watch what you say, lest you kena

It’s Earth Hour!

Indeed, the puclicity on Earth Hour has been quite hot recently. Almost everyone is preaching about it in the last few days, reminding us to turn off our lights at 8.30 pm for 1 hour, anywhere you

Mr. Somchai

Looks like our Mr. Somchai even made it to the international news! Not bad for a local here, eh! Apparently, he also owns the Ultraman costume and keep them handy. More on the article here.