Monthly Archive:: January 2009

Roti John

It’s really hard to find a good Roti John nowadays and in Thailand, probably non-existent. This dish was created in Singapore in the 70s and is still popular throughout Singapore & Malaysia today. One of the best


It’s certainly looking that Fudge is feeling right at home. She has no problem entertaining herself for hours on end and has taken a liking to Donut as her playmate. Hmm…Donut and Fudge…even the cats are named


Looks like the kitten has got herself a new home. Fudge has adopted us, as well as the other 2 resident cats in the last few days without further ado. Seems to get along quite well with

Under close supervision

The 2 resident cats have been quite apprehensive of the little one. She’s been watched like a hawk as Andy and Donut both are probably trying to make sense of her presence. She is currently under close

A tough call

Can you bear to give this up? Trust me, this wasn’t all planned and we are contemplating adoption. How it all happened was when I saw this little bugger sprawled at the lobby amidst 20 other human