October 7, 2010

Two months

The requirement for yet another photograph of a different size for Spud’s visa had sent me to a photo-studio again this morning. I dread the thought of having Spud’s photograph taken at any photo-studio ever since our last 1 hour photo experience. I fear the same episode we had previously will repeat itself, and I shudder of having to do it without having Silver Bullet around.

Nevertheless, I decided to just give it a go, expecting the worst.

Alarm bells started ringing in my head when we got to the intended venue. It would be a bad mistake to wake her up as Spud (surprise, surprise!) was still fast asleep. That was enough to send me pacing up and down the shop, trying to strategise the best way of waking her up without causing a scene. Then it dawned on me that at home, she would almost immediately wake up the moment I lay her down in her cot. Most of the time, that would immediately sent her wailing. Other times, she tolerated it.

I immediately looked around for a flat surface to lay her down. Just as I suspected, she woke up. To my delight, she remained calm. She even co-operated and within seconds, we got her a mugshot. No fussing, no crying. In fact, she was cooing away and started “chatting” incoherently as she stared right into my face. For that, I thanked my lucky stars and gave her a big huge kiss on her big fat cheeks when it was all over. I could not have been more relieved!

Quite a funny picture for a visa requirement, I’d say. I had to laugh when they showed it to me and she looked all puffy and very well-rounded.  I was then reminded that she turned 2 months today.
What a picture to show for it and not at all flattering! Those baby fats are starting to show up real nice.

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  1. Vicky


  2. Kim

    She’s a sweetie!

  3. u know..she kinda look damn KL here!


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