April 23, 2009

This is how they do it

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A local banana brew, anyone?

Step 1:
If I remember correctly, we were told that they mashed up the bananas and cooked them for several hours until they disintegrate. The cooked bananas will then be transferred to a container which will be left to ferment for 3 days, looking like this:

Step 2:
The fermented bananas will then be stuffed into a strainer to squeeze out the juices. Our Guides, Jacob & JC , took the pleasure in demonstrating to us how they usually do this. The strainer here is really just an empty sack.
Step 3:
The lady here, the owner of the house and the sole brewer will then mix in pounded millet into the strained liquid. The ingredients are then being stirred thoroughly.
Step 4:
Voila! At this stage, the hideous looking thing can already be consumed. “Drinks for the babies”, we were told if it’s consumed straight after adding in the millet. However, the brewer will usually leave it to ferment for a few more hours to achieve the alcoholic effect, after which it will be sold as a commercial product or shared with the neighbours.
We were also told that there we no other ingredients required to make this local brew. It really was as simple as that. I’m not so sure about the “no other ingredients” bit, as I can’t help, but notice the origin of the bucket used, and the fact that it was made under not the most sanitized of conditions.
Step 5:
Jacob was happily chugging the liquid down and we turned down his offer of taste test for obvious reasons. We then kaypo-ed around the compound and snapped some pictures of the brewer’s kids. They were rather shy, but giggled and amazed all the same when they saw their pictures on our digital cameras.

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