October 9, 2010

The one with breast milk

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A pal recently asked me if I have ever tasted my own breast milk while we were chatting away on MSN. Come to think of it, God! No, I certainly have not. And, it definitely is not for the lack of accessibility or availability. I don’t really know why, but I have never felt compelled to do so.

My reply to her was that I’m kinda apprehensive to try. In fact, I am a little icky on the entire concept of drinking your own breast milk. It also never really occurred to me that I should be trying my own produce. I don’t know why babies like it. I guess they just do.

She suggested that perhaps I can try mixing it in my coffee or tea, as she has a colleague who does that. I was really just genuinely surprised. I have never thought about it that way, and we had a laugh about it.

But, that got me thinking though. Considering I have been laying off dairy in trying to determine the food allergen for Spud, adding my own breast milk to tea or coffee could be an option.

Then another thought popped in my head…

What if I ask for a decaf latte at Starbucks and upon ordering, told them not to put in any of their milk. Instead, I will miraculously whip out a sachet of my already pumped breast milk and ask them to please,please add what I have with me into my beverage, while specifically mentioning to them that the sachet contains my precious breast milk.

Since I am at that, I would also just tell them that I can give them extra FRESH milk should they desire so for their customers.

Oh boy! I really would like to see that look on their faces!

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