December 22, 2008

The case for catnips

Category: Cats

Barcajax asked if it seems cruel to give cat nips to cats. It seems like it is some form of a drug and it’s similar to making your friends drunk on purpose just for kicks. Hmmmm….

Cat nips generally trigger strange behavioral changes in cats when they come in contact with it. It’s the chemical that’s present in these perennial herb belonging to the mint family, Labiatae, with an active ingredient called Nepetalactone. The cat’s response to this chemical is mediated through the olfactory system that cats have a special receptor for. This chemical is thought to mimic the effects of a pheromone to cause a variety of behaviors. And that’s just the more intellectual answers gathered from the web…

The actual answer really is that, we get a kick out of it! :p It’s really hilarious to see your cats go all crazy and nutso even for a few minutes. It’ s not toxic and they’ll stop when they have enough. It’s a natural stimulant. Andy somehow reacts the same way when she smells coffee and start rubbing herself silly on the coffee cup!

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  1. You’re on a roll!!! See how easy it is to blog? Once you get started… its hard to stop.

  2. hee..hee! I know!!! Just really hoping I can keep this up for the years to come! :p
    U inspired me and it’s all thanks to you 😀


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