April 22, 2009

Tanzania Day 2: Kikuletwa Springs, Scary Hike & Food from Heaven

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Started the day with our Tanzanian’s guides – Jacob And JC, with a 2-hour dusty drive to Kikuletwa Springs. These are hot springs located in the Masai plains and are among the major sources of water for the Nyumba ya Mungu Dam. Since we didn’t want to swim, the guides made another plan to visit a cave. What we didn’t know was that we had to take a very scary hike down a steep and narrow path that looked like a death trap. That wasn’t part of the planned itinerary. It was unbelievably narrow, enough for only one foot each time, with a huge drop-off on the sides. I don’t know why I psychoed myself to go do it. Even though JC was holding my hand the whole time, I wasn’t too happy about the hike at all. It was a nice gesture on their part, but the hike down into a cave which I don’t care about, got me steaming mad. We were supposed to continue the hike to get to a waterfall, but I was adamant that I didn’t want to continue and started to KNNCBFF under my breath. The hike back up was just as bad and took forever. It was not funny. One slip and you are guaranteed dead! By the time we got back to the vehicle, I was shaking like a leaf. I hated the climb. The scorching sun made it worse.

Sensing our unhappy mood, the Guides then decided to drive us to the waterfall. We had to hike a little and I made them promise not to make me climb scary slopes again. I shamelessly repeated myself and was relentlessly harping on the fact that I ain’t gonna climb no more. Thank goodness the climb to the waterfall was worth it. It was a beautiful sight and absolutely tranquil for a relaxing lunch.

We were then driven to Nkweseko camp where we were to bunk for 2 nights. What a pleasant surprise this was! We were blown away to see a cabin propped up in the middle of the forest at an altitude of 1800 meters, over-looking Mount Kilimanjaro, along with an in-house chef and his assistant, exclusively for us. There was no one else in sight! We technically had the whole 2 storey-cabin to ourselves where we were pampered with the warmth of the fireplace and fresh cooking. Chef Heaven’s cooking was simple, but awesome. He had made French Onion Soup for starters, Beef Curry with Rice and a fruit cocktail as dessert. It was simply food from Heaven. Literally!

Dusty road, sightings on the way to the spring and Kikuletwa Springs

The scary hike to an anti-climax cave, an annoyed me after the hike and a bruise that lasted for the entire trip having almost slipped from the ridges.

Sightings on the way to the waterfall and breaking for lunch

Our cabin, Chef Heaven and dinner with the Guides

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  1. your bruise is heart-shaped? 😛

  2. the rocks love me…got kissed by the them! :p i thought it was a foot-shaped…u very creative! hee..hee


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