September 28, 2009

Taking the piss?

Looks like a Walmart employee was so bored out of his head that he found it to be very necessary to report what seems like innocent, harmless photographs of kids bath-time taken by a proud parent to capture their kids’ cute moments to the authorities. Read the article here.

Can you imagine the tumultuous times the parents and kids experience as a direct result of the most under-handed and not the most intelligent of decision made by an ignorant Walmart employee who probably just doesn’t know any better? What right does the employee have over those photos? So self-righteous are we, now? It really is taking the piss out of an innocent candid shots, I’d say.

I’m pretty certain we have a few of those photos tucked away in some family album, and I’m sure under no circumstances were our parents advocating child pornography then. In fact, I remember seeing a few photos of me clad in nothing but my glorious underwear when I was about 3-5 years old. Those pictures, are still the standing jokes in my family gatherings as my parents found the joy of relating funny (sometimes embarrassing) stories of how tomboy-ish I used to be. Absolutely nothing offensive or perverted about that, me-thinks. At least, nothing damaging; and in fact, I actually welcome those stories of me. It does make me happy to listen to them and while life was not a bed of roses for them then, it is nice to know that my parents had their share of fun and entertainment raising me as their child.

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  1. Exactly, even I was wondering the same thing..! As a kid, I used to have really long hair and some people even felt I was cute which propelled my parents to deck me up like a girl often and click pictures..(bikinis included) those are pleasantly embarrassing moments … apparently I didn’t turn out to be a cross dresser either..!

    The Parents in question have not met their kids since 40 odd days..!! Had someone done this to me, I would have shot the Walmart employee..!!

  2. I’m hoping that particlar Walmart employee gets a lot of flack for what he has done and living his life miserably. I’m in complete agreement that he oughtta be shot!

    On a separate note – your mention of you looking cute decked out in a girl’s outfit or bikini seems like a good topic for your next post! ;D

  3. Hahaha!! It is my Mum’s favourite joke.. she loves showing them to her friends who mistake it to being my Sister’s childhood picture..!!


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