January 4, 2012

One really expensive veg

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While the cashier was ringing up our grocery items over the weekend, we noticed that the screen was registering  a cost that did not seemed right.

I almost fell over when I saw the figures and wanted to immediately alert the cashier. However, Silver Bullet stopped me from reacting as he was more curious as to what the cashier would do after she finished scanning everything.

When all were tallied up and put into the grocery bag, she nonchalantly presented us with a total figure of more than 24,000 THB (est. 1000 SGD). It was like the most normal grocery figures she had come across, and rung it all up without batting an eyelid. It somehow did not occur to her that the total bill was completely off and that no grocery bill would have amounted to that much if most of what we bought were vegetables and daily necessities.

More disturbing was when we pointed to her that that the amount was wrong, she was pretty adamant that she was right. She immediately had this questioning look on her face as if to say, “well, what do you think –  you buy, you pay!”

We had to pinpoint the exact item that was reflected on the screen to her, and firmly told her that a vegetable could not have cost us so much. Only then did she pull out the items one by one from the bags to find out  – perhaps, more to appease us that the price was indeed right!

It turned out to be a pumpkin. It was organic alright, but I don’t think it was in any way made out of gold!  As we suspected, it  had been incorrectly priced-tagged, and upon discovering that, she then agreed to check for the correct price again.

I have to say though that we have been very guilty of not being conscientiously conscious of the price of the items that we buy whenever we do grocery, and this certainly taught us to be more careful in checking for what we bought!

It really pays to be vigilant while the cashier is ringing up the groceries, and while I am pretty sure that we may have over-paid for a couple of items here and there out of our own carelessness, there was no way we were going to miss a massive bill of >20K THB for groceries!

Spud, come eat your heart out – Mama & Papa ain’t never gonna feed you such expensive pumpkin. Ever. 🙂

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